Disney World has it all wrong

Exxon commercials during the Olympics try to make science and engineering look attractive to kids by showing nothing but equations. Okay, there’s a few semi-hip looking scientists and engineers talking about how they grew up being curious, taking things apart, figuring out how stuff works. Oh yeah, and equations. And then some more equations.

Disney World has it all wrong.

C’mon kids, it’s fun! Look – EQUATIONS!!!

Edit: Originally I wrote that it was Chevron’s commercial, but it’s actually from Exxon.  You can tell the commercial had a big impact on me.

Microsoft should buy 37 Signals?

Big company, creator and master of much complexity, envelops small company, exhorter of keeping things simple.

I see 2 possible outcomes:

  1. 37 Signals simply disappears forever.
  2. 37 Signals simply disappears for a while, but encourages small pockets of simplicity throughout Microsoft. A few projects change slightly. Exchange meets Backpack, perhaps.

I have no idea how that would play out, but it certainly would be interesting.

EDIT: I should point out that I don’t really think MS should by 37S, I just think it’s an interesting acquisition to consider.  And so I added a “?” to the post title.

Looking for coffee shops in NY

I’m looking for great local coffee shops in New York, specifically around Manhattan.

Desired features:

  • Good coffee.
  • Good people watching.
  • Not a Starbucks or other chain, please.
  • A place that says “I’m a local New York coffee shop.”
  • Not literally though.
  • Talking buildings freak me out.

Please post a comment if you have any suggestions, thanks!