Note to Dell: You are forcing me to waste your money.

I have a Dell LCD monitor, still under warranty. It has stuck pixels. A lot of them. I would like to get a replacement monitor.

I would like to get the replacement taken care of with the minimum hassle for either of us. A simple email with my customer #, perhaps. Or maybe a web form with the order #.

Should be easy, I figure. I figured wrong.

Dell’s website has email and online chat customer support, but they require a Service Tag Number. Standalone monitors (not purchased with a Dell system) do not have Service Tag Numbers. The “Where is my Service Tag Number?” link on Dell’s website doesn’t mention that standalone purchase LCDs don’t have the Service Tag Number. I had to search for it myself. So I was forced to call their 800 for support.

Dell: you forced me to waste your money.

I spent 43 minutes with Dell’s phone support people getting the replacement monitor arranged. That’s 43 minutes of Dell’s money. Probably not much if it’s just me, but I imagine I’m not the only customer with this kind of issue – especially since this is my 2nd Dell LCD return for stuck pixels. On the positive side their rep’s were pleasant.

Can someone from Dell please allow me to use a customer number or order number instead of the Service Tag Number to contact your support people? It’s cheaper for Dell – and faster for both of us. Win-win!

I won’t even charge for my idea.