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Svec on Joel on Software on Language Wars

I was hoping to cash in on the popularity of Joel’s post, but then I noticed that everyone and their computer-illiterate grandmother who doesn’t have electricity has already commented on it, so I’ll just throw in some links:

Okay, I’ve got to throw in my 2 cents:  Joel drew a line in the virtual sand (silicon?) – not a very thick line, a medium “I stand over here” kind of line – and people started hurling themselves on one side or the other.  It’s interesting to see how many people seemed to be threatened by Joel’s post as if it was a personal attack against their professional way of life.

I think Joel was simply being honest – and because his company is successful he knows he’s right.  Sure, he makes some generalizations that might be a bit exaggerated (though not much, says I), but he’s got the results to back up his rhetoric.

Thoroughly entertaining – an excellent way to start a 3 day weekend!

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