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Live Search is Lost

If you search for “instant coffee” on Microsoft’s, my “Instant Coffee == Instant Yuck” appears in the top 50 results.  Which is a shame.

My post basically says, “Instant coffee bad, home roasted coffee beans good.”  I don’t think anyone searching for “instant coffee” really cares about that.  They probably want to research or buy instant coffee.  Other results are equally lame.  Not 100% lame, a lot of the search results are good, but come on, my drivel shouldn’t be in the top 50.

Google’s results are more what I would expect – a bunch of instant coffee reviews and purchase information.  My post doesn’t show up in Google’s top 500, or Yahoo’s top 500 either.

Microsoft gives me no reason to even try their search engine again.  The Yellow Pages would probably be more helpful.

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