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Empathy Driven Development interview

I was interviewed about “Empathy Driven Development” on the Embedded podcast:

“Empathy Driven Development” is my attempt at making software engineering (and other types of engineering) better, specifically for the engineers who do the work. Very early thinking, but I think the interview went well!

I’ll be writing more about Empathy Driven Development here in the future, so stay tuned.

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  1. Very interested in this topic – thought I was the only one on Earth that values empathy as a critical design consideration. Impacts not only specification and design – greatly impacts documentation, support, usability, etc. Is this a wide-spread phenomena? Anywhere I can learn more?


  2. Your interview definitely piqued my interest. I have always valued making usable design materials (generally code), but never thought of the thought process as empathetic. What you’ve done is put put this idea in approachable and somewhat concrete terms that I (we) can hopefully use to communicate this idea to coworkers and the greater industry. This is a hug step in the right direction!

    I’d be interested in hearing more about your thought on the subject. Do you have any other materials or notes? Would you be interested in discussing more via email or in person? (I’m located in the Boston area).

  3. I’ll be giving a 45-minute talk about Empathy Driven Development in Boston at the Embedded Systems Conference on Wednesday, May 6, details here:

    You can come to the talk for free if you register for the Demo/Exhibit pass.

    I’m happy to talk more over email or in person at the Boston ESC event.

    Also, Chris White (co-host of the Embedded podcast I was interviewed on) wrote a good article discussion various “soft” topics they’ve discussed on the podcast: